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Our lamp shades are all handmade using either deer leather or antiqued parchment paper. We hand paint them using a high quality product that will not smudge, chip or fade. They are laced using a buckskin lacing. We have a variety of lamp shade sizes we can use and any of the designs can be transferred to another shape or size if you prefer. Some of our designs can incorporate your own brand or maybe favorite color to blend in with your decor, so please inquire if you have a question or comment.
Fig Bark & Amber Lamp Shade$119.99
Floral Fig Bark Lamp Shade$119.99
Multi-Colored Marble $40.00
Southwest Lamp Shade$40.00
Square Star Metal Shade$90.00
Square Multi-Colored Marble $90.00
Star Metal Shade$40.00
Starlight Metal Shade$40.00

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